National Boarding Week Ideas

  1. Have students speak at school staff meetings about their positive experiences of boarding and how it’s helping them reach the next goal in their life.
  2. Staff exchange with another boarding school.
  3. Offer school staff tours of the boarding house.
  4. Offer school pupils a tour of the boarding facilities and offer nibble afterwards.
  5. Put on a morning tea/lunch for school staff and boarders wait on them and do all the cleaning up afterwards.
  6. Getting an invite to speak at service organisations about boarding, Lions and Rotary Clubs etc.
  7. Helping do street collections for charity groups.
  8. Helping do some jobs at a community charity. eg Help clean up and area of the Hospice etc.
  9. Organise a grandparents tour through the boarding house and finishing off with a cup of tea and scones.
  10. Organise an event with another boarding school ie some wide-games with a barbecue to finish.
  11. Organise a boarding house event (eg movie night) with a ‘gold coin’ donation and money goes to a charity of the boarders choice (eg Breast or Prostate cancer charities).
  12. With some leftover food, get a few boarders to help you take it to the food bank.
  13. Get all boarders to write on a #iloveboarding note and pin it to a board which is prominent and public in the boarding house.
  14. Celebrate boarding staff by all staff and senior/junior boarders bringing in a baby photo and everyone guesses who’s who. Finish off the evening with ice cream and flake 99s.
  15. Have an evening of team building games. Google ideas that will suit your boarders age and maturity. There are heaps that require very little equipment or preparation.
  16. Organise a few boarders to do a ‘bake off’ with a staff member.