As an 18 year old Dr. Paul Wood was completely off the rails. He wasn’t coping with the impending death of his mother, he was dependent on drugs, and was an unemployed high-school dropout who was committing crimes to feed his habit. Two days after his mother died he lost control when a drug dealer attempted to sexually assault him. Paul was convicted of murder for this offence and then spent more than a decade in some of New Zealand’s toughest prisons. During this period Paul became the first person in New Zealand’s history to progress through undergraduate and Masters degrees while in Prison. He was also the first person to begin a Doctorate while incarcerated. Paul’s educational pursuits acted as the catalyst for a journey of personal exploration and change, both of which would see him leave prison with an awareness of the fundamental issues that people face when trying to create real change, the best techniques for helping people achieve their goals and cope with adversity, and a deep understanding of how to make the most out of a bad situation. These days Paul spends most of his time assisting senior leaders with their professional development across the public and private sector. He also works with at risk teens to help them better understand who they want to be in life and how to get there.